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Anna Iosko grew up in Belarus, where she was amply surrounded by artists, musicians, craftsmen and scientists. Anna’s mother was the one who introduced her to various creative and scientific scenes. From an early age Anna sang in choirs and played the cimbalom (a typically Belarussian folk instrument) for many years. While she was studying Modern Languages, she focused on the English language and the cultures of English-speaking countries.

It was when she started doing research with renowned scholar Svetlana Novikava that her fascination for interdisciplinary connections began to grow. Novikava founded the scientific institute ‘Hierarchical Multilevel Systems Laboratory, Institute of Mathematics & Cybernetics’, which is still in existence to this day. Novikava’s life work was developing an applying the AED-model. This model shows the hierarchy by which the world is built and governed. In the AED-model, mathematics, arts and languages are given the highest position in the hierarchy and are seen as a governing level.

Anna’s course eventually led her to the Netherlands in 2003. She has lived in Arnhem with her family since then.

Everything has to do with everything

Once she had settled in the Netherlands, Anna continued studying English Language & Culture at Radboud University in Nijmegen, but this time she zoomed in on language structures (syntax). She was, and continues to be, fascinated by mathematics and the aesthetics that exist in language systems.

When Anna was asked to sing in an opera production, her love for classical music was rekindled. The versatility of her soprano voice, her musicality and absolute pitch brought about new insights and possibilities. All of a sudden, Anna was captured by the realisation that everything is fascinatingly connected, and how each part contributed to the whole - a realisation that she could no longer shake off.

Not long after the opera, Anna got acquainted with the work of Mikhail Kazinik, which turned out to be of great inspiration to her. She then saw how the systems that she had discovered in language and mathematics also appeared in music and art. For example, how the golden ratio shows up in paintings or perfect harmonies are found in classical music. Additionally, Eckhart Tolle’s teachings are fundamentally present in Anna’s daily existence and guide her on her life journey.

Communicating in Business

From 2006 until 2018 Anna worked as an English and Business Communication lecturer and student coach at Arnhem Business School (HAN University of Applied Sciences). Here, she taught students how the English language is best put to use as a means of communication in international business. Core activities in her work were teaching students to master and perfect their English and Business Communication skills and to advance in personal development.

In 2017, Anna created her own company. She now shares her vast knowledge with international companies that need help with their communications. Anna’s method is anchored in establishing a sustainable relationship with a client, enabling all parties to fully commit to making a distinct difference and achieving a good end result. Only then can a systematic approach like Anna’s truly sink in and become effective. Naturally, Anna incorporates her knowledge and love for people, classical music, aesthetics, and language in her work.

Communicating with Presence

What is pivotal in communication? It is Anna’s firm belief that the answer to this question can be found in an interdisciplinary approach. Much like an orchestra or choir, it is important that all parties in a business meeting are empowered to “play their part” and have their voice heard. It is essential to be present, i.e. to listen to one’s communication partners, colleagues and/or employees with an active, open and non-judgmental attitude. This way, one is able to take the lead, without taking away other parties’ chances to perfect the harmonies with their own input.

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