Thijs van den Broek

Consultant and Project Manager at Fundatis, former Programme Director at Arnhem Business School

Pauline Sleven

Senior Lecturer in English and Business Communication, Personal and Professional Development Coach at Arnhem Business School

Lisette Maas

Lecturer in English and Business Communication at Arnhem Business School

Hannelore Wagemakers

Classical Singer, Vocal Coach at Vocalissima, Lecturer at Schumann Academy, former Lecturer in English and Business Communication at Arnhem Business School

Jannemieke Geessink

Senior Lecturer and Quality Control Coordinator at Arnhem Business School

Eveline Sprée

Personal and Professional Development Coach at Arnhem Business School

Jeanine Gouwens

Former International Business and Management Student at Arnhem Business School

Rana Hawasli

Finance and Control Student at Arnhem Business School

Arnhem Business School

Former students and colleagues

Vladyslav Kovtun

International Communications student taking 1-on-1 program

I had absolutely no doubts when deciding whether to work with Anna. I always saw Anna as a professional in her field, and she made a very good impression on me. Anna is friendly and enthusiastic - these qualities I like the most. I certainly feel I've reached a higher level of English, but also started to manage my time more effectively since Anna gave me some tips on how to increase productivity.

The thing I appreciated the most was Anna’s support. Another thing is Anna’s "strict kindness". I believe that if it were not for her, I would not have reached my objectives. Her effort made me obligated to prepare as well as I could and without procrastination. I believe if it weren't her, I would not have obtained such a good result.

I would definitely recommend Anna to people who are doing their Master’s degree or PhD, as well as for business people and entrepreneurs. I feel like Anna has surpassed the level of teaching students, and now it's time to go further. Anna has a lot of experience in working with different kinds of people and cultures, and enough knowledge to share with the world.

For me, Anna is just as excellent as a language and business communication coach could possibly be.

What I would like others to know about Anna is that she has an extensive background in the field of teaching and can speak several languages. Also, she has a very good set of skills in presenting and giving a speech. Last but not least, Anna is knowledgeable about various fields, so there’s always a lot to share and discuss with her.

Dimitry van Toorn

Founder at Van Toorn & Associates Limited

I had no reservation when deciding to work with Anna. I was looking for a communication and language coach who could guide me rather than teach me English language/grammar. My focus was on usefulness and professional day-to-day communication with an objective to increase self-confidence.

Since I started, I’ve been putting more focus on good preparations of my speeches, lectures and workshops and pay special attention to the usage of different (business) words. Again, this gives me more confidence but also let me transfer my knowledge with authority. The fact that Anna approaches this from my side and adjusts her instructions based on my needs is extremely helpful. Also, she has guided me on how to prepare and where to put focus on.

If hadn’t run through Anna’s coaching program, I would still feel that I am lacking certain confidence and abilities, and this would negatively influence my positive points such as huge business experience and in-depth knowledge of the presented topics. I would certainly recommend Anna to people who want to improve their communication in English but focus on the daily use. Not necessarily to become a Cambridge certified English speaker but a person who has fun, confidence and the background to have a solid public conversation/speech. Business people will have the most benefits because all Anna’s advice can be applied immediately.

What I’d love Anna to have done more is her telling me more about her own activities and challenges such as the public speaker workshops, classical music and language interactions, so that I could also learn more about these subjects.

One of the most important things to know about Anna is that she is experienced, interested in various (actual) topics, well prepared and a very good motivator.

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