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Master Class

Do you face challenges maintaining an open attitude towards each other and accept current developments without judgment? Are you experiencing misunderstandings regularly? Does it influence your own performance and that of your team? And does it come in high cost, both mentally and financially?

Has your curiosity about the added value of Communicating with Presence for your international company been awakened?

Classical music and Socratic Dialogue are used as a tool and metaphor and are further built upon. This Master Class can be provided in various formats, geared towards your needs and input.

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Tune in Group Program for Leaders

Would you like to discover how your team, department or project can operate as a finely tuned orchestra? Would you like to become a highly skilled conductor who listens more than speaks? Tune in with this extensive program. In a few months, Anna will help you develop sustainable leadership communication skills, with the purpose of reaching the most stunning results! Developing cognitive and linguistic flexibility is fundamental in this process.

You can expect to receive an interdisciplinary program filled with eye-openers, lots of room for development and exchange. There’s no program comparable to Anna’s; anything she offers will be customised to your specific needs.

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Executive Coaching

Do you need a laser targeted approach to your very specific need? For example becoming an exceptional listener and a more confident speaker who uses language flexibly and tunes in easily?  Do you learn most effectively when taking a one-on-one approach?

For executives and managing professionals, looking for a way to bring leadership communication skills to a different level, Anna also offers individual coaching.

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Would you like to root sustainable leadership communication in your vital skill set? Are you curious as to what classical music could mean to communicating in your business?


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